...So much more than "Just a Disco"!

"before we had even booked Neil, he was full of great and inspirational ideas...."

Choosing the right DJ for your Wedding Day probably isn't quite as easy as you had first thought is it?

At least with a Photographer you can see what style they have...... with a Florist you can go and see the flowers knowing that what you see in the shop is exactly what you'll get on the day.

But you can't do that with a DJ..... each and every party is different quite simply as it's the culmination of lots and lots of different factors.......from the obvious of who you have invited and how much they have had to drink to the less obvious of what mood they are in and even what the weather has been like so far.

However - All is not lost! Don't fall foul to the easy way out of simply comparing glitzy websites and simply asking how much? There is a much better way, a way that will enable you to decide with confidence and excitement!

So, what can I tempt you with.......?

Master of Ceremonies

Having a Master of Ceremonies is a bit like being a toddler and having your favourite Teddy Bear or Comfort Blanket! On your Wedding Day you really don't want to be worrying about running to time, directing Great Aunt Estha to the toilet or ensuring that despite the speeches running over by 20 minutes, everything and eveyone is enjoying the day as much as you want them to.

Having myself as Master of Ceremonies on your Wedding Day will enable you to relax and enjoy the day in full knowledge that it will run exactly as we have planned together, and any hiccups; well, you won't need to know about them!!

Why not check out my Testimonials where previous couples have some very kind words to say about myself being their Master of Ceremonies.

Music Co-Ordination

Music plays an important role in virtually every key element of your Wedding Day. From creating just the right atmosphere as your friends and family await the Bride's arrival with anticipation, to it's calming effect as the signing of the register is completed. From providing a fanfare arrival as you enter the Wedding Breakfast to accompanying you both as you take to the floor for your First Dance.

Not only am I on hand during the lead up to your Wedding Day with as much help and advice as you want, but I can also be available on the day too to ensure that each emotion is created at just the right moment for maximum results.

Many venues will have their own built in speakers, however, many venues don't. If your venue is one that doesn't, I can provide a high quality discreet PA system to showcase your musical genius.

Online Planning System

Taking some of the stress out of planning your Wedding Day, the online portal keeps track of all the music you have chosen. Providing the opportunity for you to create detailed playlists for each seperate element of your special day, even linking with the leading online music services so you can listen to tracks before selecting them.

Being online, you will have access whenever you need it to all of our e-mails, booking forms, timelines and other documents too - it really couldn't be simpler!

Want to know the best bit? Your Guests can also have access to their own online Guests Request System. They can log in and choose all the tracks that will keep them glued to the dancefloor.......... but don't worry, if they have chosen tracks that you simply don't like, then all you have to do is drag and drop them into your "Don't You Dare Play" list ...... Simples!

Photobooth / Selfie Mirror

Odyssey Photobooth is one of the longest running Photobooth companies in the South East. We only operate top of the range Traditional Photobooths and the brand new #Selfie Mirrors (also known as Magic Mirrors).

Odyssey Photobooth

Laughter, happiness, memories – it's what the Odyssey Photobooth is all about. We create a quality, bespoke experience for you and your guests, using top-of-the-range products and customising our service to match your theme and style. Whether you're planning a wedding, anniversary celebration, corporate event, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, school prom or student Ball, we'll help inject crazy amounts of fun into your event, and create quality memories for you and your guests.

Odyssey #Selfie Mirror

Stepping up the fun factor, the Odyssey Selfie Mirror is packed with additional features to guarantee even more silliness and laughter: full-length props, touch-free control, a scream-o-meter to trigger the camera and a social media station so you can livestream your foolishness to the outside world. We’ve invested in the best model available to guarantee the highest quality photos, and to provide a classy addition to your wedding, birthday party, corporate event, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, anniversary celebration, school prom or university Ball. Visit the dedicated website for more information, or simply request an information pack when you get in touch. www.odysseyphotobooth.co.uk

Evening Reception Disco

The Evening Reception is the single longest element of your Wedding Day. Usually running for 4 or 5 hours, it is the one time of the day that your friends and family can let their hair down, kick off their shoes and enjoy themselves. But that doesn't mean that it won't need some serious thought or care and attention to ensure that it's a raving success.

We will work together to plan your evening reception, carefully co-ordinating the traditions that you wish include in your wedding day, and sidestepping those that you don't.


Using the online music planner to sort your music choices into either the "Please Play", "Must Play" or the "Don't You Dare Play" lists, and all the music that your guests select on their online guest request system,you will have complete control over the music that's going to get everyone into the party mood.

When we meet, I'll throw some ideas at you, traditions from all around the world. You might like some of them, you might not like any!! The important things is that you have 100% access to my aresnal of thoughts and ideas to help ensure that your Evening Reception is unique, fun and memorable.

Other stuff .......


Our wireless mood lighting can be customised to enhance your theme to make your event even more magical. Moodlighting can enhance an architectural feature, such as a grand fireplace or vaulted ceiling, or simply creates that WOW factor in a modern function room.

Gobo Projection

A great way of adding that personal touch to the dancefloor or even perhaps projected onto a wall creating a feature or grand statement. This very simple, but incredibly impressive, effect brings that extra special unique touch to your event.

prom uk okdress

White Starlit Backdrop

Our white Starlit Backdrop is simply magical. Whether you wish to hide a wall or simply add a bit of style to a plain function room, then this is what you need.

Event Photography

Our photography students have a keen eye when it comes to capturing events as they unfold. Just perfect if you are after someone to complement your official wedding photographer and capture a different side to your special day, or would like someone to create an informal record of a Christening or Birthday Party.

Atmospheric Effects

From Haze to Smoke, Snow to Vertical Foggers ... we can even arrange indoor Pyrotechnics to add a completely new dimension to your event. Whether you want to release your inner rock god, scale up the romance or simply dazzle your guests, our Atmospheric Effects will create an event to remember.

Online Planner and Galleries

Online Planning Portal

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Online Guest Request System

Guests only!

Coming to one to our events, and want to choose your favourite cheese or perhaps an Anthem to have you jumping up and down.

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Photobooth Gallery

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Did you have some awesome fun in the Odyssey Photobooth or Odyssey #Selfie Mirror? Click here to go and see all the photos taken on the night!

About me....

Everything you need to know about... and perhaps a couple of bits you don't!


I have a passion for music; I always have. Whether it was as a lad hiding under the duvet so I could listen to a few more tracks before being told to "turn it off", or as an adult, having studied Music to A Level and understanding and appreciating the layers and complexities that make up a finished track. So, it's no real suprise I suppose that I've ended up as a DJ!

However, whilst music is vitally important to creating the right atmosphere and mood for your wedding day, it is but one of the elements needed to help your wedding day run as planned. Your Wedding Day is just like a West End Musical - there is lots going on behind the scenes to make the two star performers look and feel fabulous.

It was for this reason that I took to specialising in being a Wedding DJ. The whole idea of helping couples put on a show for their family and friends excited me - and to this day, it still does. The concept that for one day, two families come together, friends who haven't seen each other for years and of course, everyone else such as work colleagues etc. They are all thrown together into a venue with the sole aim of helping you celebrate your marriage. It's such a cocktail of emotions and feelings - it's an amazing day!

I've taken ideas and concepts from the training courses I have completed, from Toastmasters, National and Internationally reknowned DJ's and also from couples too who have seen things things or introduce me to new traditions that their family have always done.

Like everything, weddings have evolved over the years. Church weddings have declined in popularity, certain traditions are not deemed to be appropriate anymore and others have disappeared completely. What this means is that you, as a couple have total control over your wedding day. With the exception of the Ceremony itself, you can pick and choose the elements that you wish to include in your celebrations. This means that your day can be tailored to your exact requirements, it can be totally unique, you can really stamp your personalities onto the day .

What became apparent to me very quickly as i started my learning journey, was that weddings for whom I had met the couple beforehand, seemed to go smoother. I had a greater understanding of them and their friends and family than the couples for whom I had simply turned up on the night and pressed "play". So, for me it was a natural progression to strongly suggest that I met with all couples once they had booked. What was really interesting was going that next step further and offering to meet couples before they had booked...... most DJ's I know thought I was mad! However, my logic was quite simple.

Personal Info

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